Majestic Filatures is a timeless brand which, since 1989, has crossed eras and styles without worrying about being fashionable, but with the concern to remain so.

From Idea To Realization, From Realization To Vision

“ If you are going to do something, don’t do it like everyone else. ”

With this advice in mind, given from a dad, tailor by trade, that Rolland Chelly created Majestic Filatures. Through a unique and a bit crazy concept in 1989: make the t-shirt a noble and high-quality product.

The passion, the “fire”, the will to make something different and democratize the premium universe allowed Rolland Chelly to very easily cross the road with Joseph Tricot, who instantly trusted him.

What followed was a collaboration of over 30 years in the production of t-shirts. A strong point to this collaboration was the production of, by the the Parisian atelier, in the beginning, pieces for other brands like Rykiel and even Dior, before addressing retailers and customers.

But in order to develop itself, stay true to the brand’s DNA and produce accessible high-quality fashion, made in Europe, and without compromising quality, Roland Chelly had the idea of producing his own threads!

That’s the strength point that allowed Majestic Filatures to have a large freedom of creation and materials combinations.

The Ambition To Seduce The Greatest While Remaining Authentic

It is surely for its consistency and minimalist elegance, that the great names from the cinema industry are big fans of Majestic Filatures and luxury brands get associated regularly with its t-shirts, clothing, during press releases in particular.
The collaborations with the internationally known celebrities such as 
Constance Jablonski, Arizona Muse, Lara Stone or even more recently, Cindy Bruna contributed to Majestic Filatures high-quality fashion image that, more than just innovating, knew how to surround itself with charismatic and committed celebrities.

Cindy Bruna herself wore the eco-cashmere fabric, and once again, Majestic Filatures innovates and stands out!

Using a recycling technique, mastered by an Italian partner, the company gives a new life to old cashmere products by recovering the threads that are sorted and washed through colors and used as is to avoid the utilization of chemical products.

 A concept that is part of the brand’s history that, from the start, produces in France and in Europe exclusively, with the exception of the cashmere, which comes from MongoliaAlso included in this concept is the quality of the product and the supplier’s ethics, chosen by Majestic Filatures, and not forgetting the respect of the customer.

A Freedom That Makes The Strength Of Majestic Filatures

The Parisian workshop claims its ability to imagine, prototype, pattern, and combine materials in a single location around a unique handmade know-how.

Either it’s a t-shirt or a sweater, Majestic Filatures, through the image of a fashion house, favors a traditional conception.
Therefore, each product, is entitle to its own prototype custom made with details and style! Each product is tried on, adjusted, and always reinvented to achieve excellence!