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Since 1989

Our Parisian Heritage

Majestic Filatures has been making luxury garments in its Parisian workshops for over 30 years. We treat every style with luxury and timelessness. Our pieces are designed in our workshops in Paris and made in Europe. Majestic Filatures mixes skillfully in its creations: cotton, cashmere, viscose, silk, linen, modal. The "Parisian" spirit of Majestic Filatures is expressed in pure, soft and colourful materials. A unique variety of t-shirts, tank tops, shirts, dresses, waistcoats, jackets, shorts, scarves and leggings. We select excellent quality materials, always resistant, luxurious and soft to wear. This is to give our garments their "second skin" effect. Majestic Filatures takes particular care in the quality of the manufacturing of its products.

Majestic Filatures commitment to "Environmental Responsibility and Social Consciousness"

At Majestic Filatures, we believe that fashion and sustainability can coexist, and we are committed to proving it every day.
As a luxury clothing brand, we challenge ourselves to be part of a virtuous process that promotes environmental responsibility and social consciousness.
We strive for authentic and sustainable fashion that prioritizes comfort, well-being, and respect for materials. We are constantly on the lookout for innovative solutions to reduce our environmental impact and promote ethical practices throughout our vertical supply chain.
When you choose Majestic Filatures, you are choosing a brand that cares about our planet, our people, and our future.

Our Selection